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Liquid propane generators, also known as LP generators are for portable, stand-by, commercial and residential use. They are ideal for use in residential neighborhoods because they are so quiet. They have fully enclosed mufflers and use liquid propane to run a small yet heavy-duty engine. They are often self-running and have modest maintenance requirements. They come in aluminum housings with lockable access doors. You can buy new and used liquid propane generators from reputable power generator companies such as GeneratorDepot.usLP Generators

Why Choose LP Generators?

  • To reduce your use of fossil fuel and more green to your carbon footprint, propane is an ideal replacement fuel for many applications that use gasoline–and without sacrificing convenience.
  • Safe, Stable, Long Shelf-Life. Unlike gasoline, propane can be stored indefinitely without deterioration, and it can be safely transported without spillage.Readily Available. It’s used by millions to fuel everything from furnaces to grills to vehicles.
  • Lower Emissions. Propane emits low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and fewer toxic pollutants than gasoline, and it’s non-toxic and biodegradable.

liquid propane system draws the liquid from the bottom of the tank and small high pressure tubing is used to carry it to the GenSet.  The GenSet is then equipped with a special device to vaporize the fuel before combustion.  This eliminates the low temperature vaporization concerns at the tank in cold climates.  However it may complicate using propane for other appliances since it is being supplied in liquid form to the point of use.LP Generators

Safety and Propane Generators

LP generators, like other generators, require diligent usage to prevent serious injuries, endangerments, and even death. LPG is produce from fossil fuels and releases carbon monoxide when burned and buildup of CO can lead to death or serious injury. Propane can leak and if placed near a potential location where a spark could occur might lead to serious explosions and fires. Propane is naturally odorless but a substance is added in order to detect any leaks. If the smell is found, make sure all cylinders are closed and not leaking and leave the area immediately before calling a service provider to check the area. Cylinders have a release valve that should be turned completely off when not in use and old tanks should be checked for ability to maintain pressure. Propane generators normally use liquid propane which is totally different from gas one and are not interchangeable. Thus, a barbecue tank is not going to work with generators.


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