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When you head out on the road with your beloved recreational vehicle you’re probably thinking about exactly how you’re going to get power to it. There are a few ways, which might include an rv generator, but most people opt to stop at RV camps where there is power readily available. This is obviously a great solution and should be considered by anyone who is on the road.

But what if you’re not at an RV camp? What if you simple cannot get to one and you need to have power to your vehicle? This is definitely a pickle, and one option that you have of course is to turn the vehicle on and thereby supply power to it. Of course if you have ever operated a vehicle then you know that batteries just do not last very long. This is definitely a case where you might want to look into some RV generators.RV Generator

The best part about an RV generator is that it does not use the power of your vehicle to power on or operate the appliances within. If you’re not opposed to it, then you can feel free to run your RV generator using conventional fossil fuels, as that is about the only option you have with RV generators. What does this mean for you exactly? It means that you can get fuel for you generator at any gas station, and you can even have extra fuel for it on hand.

Using RV Generators

RV generators are great for travelers because they provide power to electrical units. RV’s are great for roads trips but they are even better if you have a good supply of electrical power for appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, mini-fridges, and other necessary units as well. RV power generators are great for any size RV and are really reliable for road trips and camping. Note though that RV’s are special vehicles that require special RV power generators and may not be compliant with portable power generators. Having a specialist perform necessary refinements is usually required.

Sizing up RV Generators

Like other power generators, when selecting a RV generator, there are different types with varying power and other options. An important factor is what needs to be powered and how much wattage is required. Also, a very important factor is the size of the RV power generator themselves. For smaller RVs, a smaller RV generator will be more efficient where as a larger RV power generator is better for bigger RVs. Buying quality brands that will last as long as the RV is the best choice when selecting a power generator, which makes durability a very key factor as well.

Great Features of RV Generators

RV generators should have some very good features. To start is low fuel consumption with high energy output. Because RVs are meant to travel to remote places without power sources, having a RV generator that is efficient will save money and time. Next, for avid campers, many camp grounds have noise limitations and RV generators that do not meet these standards are pretty much useless. Other good options include easy maintenance points for easier repair, electrical systems like electric start and electric fuel pump, and safety mechanisms like automatic fuel safety and high oil pressure shutoff.

How to Decide Which RV Generator to BuyRV Generators

This has as much to do with price and brand name recognition as it does one other key component of buying your generator and that is power. How much power you need is very important. Small generators, ones in the 2600 watt area, are great for running small appliances, like coffee makers or microwaves, and simple things like lights for playing cards. A small generator will also run an RV fridge or toaster. Obviously, bigger generators will be used for bigger RVs and can provide over 15,000 watts of total power. These larger generators are better if you plan on powering two or even three air conditioners, heavier duty appliances along with lights, TVs and other smaller items.

The other factor in finding the right generators for RV enthusiasts may boil down to the biggest reason of all and that is the type of RV you own. A small RV might run a 30 amp system, this would require a generator model of a certain specific configuration. Considering the installation factors of a generator is also important. Many RV’s have a part of the vehicle that is made exactly for the purpose of holding a generator and ventilation is a key when it comes to being installed correctly. Check with your local RV dealer or owner’s manual to make certain you are making the right decision on these key areas.

The one thing that you might be wondering is exactly where to buy your RV generators. By far the best place that you can shop is the Generator Depot. They offer some of the best generators around whether you want one that uses propane or gas. If you think about it a propane generator would be mighty nice because if you can’t seem to find any gas, you can just take the propane tank off of your grill and use it for your generator. That will certainly make it a lot easier to use your RV generator!


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