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Propane Generators

Propane generator offer a great alternative to standard gasoline powered generators. They are cleaner for the environment, offer lower maintenance costs, and eliminate the odor of gasoline in your garage. Remember that even propane generator cannot be ran indoors. Our propane generators can be used with standard 5 gallon propane tanks, like the one used for most BBQ grills.

Propane Generators

Propane Generators

Why to Use Propane Generators ?

When it comes to finding the best solution to providing backup power to your house in case of an emergency, you will find that propane generators fit the bill. Thanks to the rising prices of gasoline and electricity, it is vital that you find a low cost option that will enable you to power your home without breaking your bank. This is where propane comes in handy, and you will find that a propane generator can help you to have all of the energy you need at the lowest possible cost.

Propane Generators – How To Choose Yours ?

Before buying a generator, we need to consider the size and power needs for the home. To think about it, you’re not going to use every single appliance and piece of equipment in your home during a power outage or emergency. Evaluate the least amount of power you may require to run very important appliances or fixtures such as heating systems, the refrigerator and security alarms. Then you can evaluate if a portable propane generator has enough power to do the job.

The next step is to speak with a contractor to find out which unit is most suitable for your home. An expert will start by evaluating the square footage of your house. You will then be provided with options regarding power consumption during a power outage or emergency.

Propane Generator

Propane Generator


Finally, decide on a generator that can sit nicely on a steady base outdoors. It is important that a it has good air circulation and heat dispersion. Portable propane generators are generally easy to position in outdoor areas because of their relatively smaller size. However, just make sure that your generator won’t need a wedge to rest on, if you want more convenience.


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