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Power calculator

Power calculator helps you select the portable generator that is right for you. You may start by using Power calculator to calculate power needs. You can then you can select the category of portable generators you may need to buy.

If you want to keep your appliances working when the power goes out in a winter storm, you don’t want to be caught with a generator that’s too small for the job. Since portable generators are sized by their output in watts, this means you need to know how many watts your household appliances consume. You’ll need to make an inventory of the items you want to keep running, find out how many watts of electricity each needs, then use power calculator that provides for that need.

Power calculator protects your appliances during an emergency power outage by calculating the appropriate generator size for your needs.

Power calculator

How to calculate your power needs?

  • List all of the items in your home that use electricity. Go room to room and list the lights and other electric powered items. Do not forget the large appliances and the heating and/or air conditioning system if they are electric.
  • Find the power usage in watts for each item on your list. Write the number of watts used next to the item on your list. Most electrical appliances or equipment will have a label showing the power draw in watts. For appliances and the air conditioning system you may need to find the owner’s manuals for the power use information.
  • Estimate the amount of time each electrical item is in use each day. Write the time in hours next to the wattage of each item. For appliances that are on continuously such as a refrigerator, estimate the amount of time per day it is actually running.
  • Multiply the watts times the hours used for each item on your list. This is the daily power use in watt hours (WH) of each electrical item in your house. Add together the total of all the listed items for your daily power use. This is the number to calculate your power requirements in watt hours

For more information about wattage ratings

Power Calculator

Gas Generator

Gas generators are the most common portable generators on the market, and hence provide lower cost units over other fuel-source generators. Gas generators can be used for emergency home backup, job site commercial power, or recreational camping power. These generators range from 1000watts to 10,000watts of output.

Power Generator

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